Introduction to GraphQL

taught by Matteo De Micheli

Course description

Even though REST Apis provide a solid foundation for web communication, there are still many unresolved problems. One of them is precise data fetching. With REST there is no clear way to tell the API which fields you are interested in and which not.

GraphQL is a query language that provides simple and modern solutions to most of these problems. In this short course I will give you a quick introduction to GraphQL together with a small assignment to put your new knowledge to work.

Matteo De Micheli
Matteo De Micheli
Passionate Web Hacker

I have been developing web applications since 2011. Since then I have worked on a wide range of projects and was able to require knowledge in topics such as ECMAScript (Javascript), NodeJS, Meteorjs and GraphQL. I'm also quite passionate about open source software, have a look at my Github if you're interested.